Twin Saga MMORPG Game

Twin Saga MMORPG Game

Twin Saga mmorpg game
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Twin Saga

Platform Availability: Windows
Developed By: X-Legend

Twin Saga is a free to play fantasy themed MMORPG with a colourful anime vibe where players can create their own character and adventure through a world completing quests and fighting huge monsters whilst earning XP to level up and improve their characters. The game has a strong emphasis on story with extensive narratives, cut scenes and NPC interactions as players take the role as the hero to the story, imbued by a hidden spirit as they are the chosen one who will save the world against the rising evil forces.

In the game players can start as Swordmaster, Mage, Gunslinger or a Dragon Knight (not currently available in Closed Beta), with six other classes being unlocked as players level up in the game (Cleric, Paladin, Hunter, Rogue, Berserker and Occultist) requiring players complete a specific quest unlocked at a set level to gain access to the class. Players can actually switch classes on the same character whilst in game and out of combat, allowing them access to all their abilities and ultimates, ensuring that groups always have access to the most necessary classes, with each class being levelled up independently to unlock talents for their class tree.

Combat is fast paced and explosive, using WASD or left click movement and a tabbed targeting system players can run around and fire off attacks at their opponents for single target or area damage, whether spells or cleaving strikes; each character has a number of skills unique to their class. As characters use their skills they build up their ultimate bar, when it reaches MAX then players can initiate their ultimate on a single target and do a string of high damage combos to devastate their opponents. Players are able to improve their characters various stats and skills with talent points that they unlock as they level up, with two different trees per class they can choose where they wish to place their points making them progressively stronger.

As well as boosts from levelling up players will unlock gear that has improved stats, they are able to refine these items to make them even stronger, and players can also earn Starstones; looted items that can be equipped to a player to give them various stat and ability boosts. Players can also unlock various combat companions to help them in battle as they level up, these Senshi have their own abilities and ultimates and can be evolved into various forms to make them even more powerful.

Questing is an extensive part of the game with players picking up quests from NPCs and typically tasked with finding and killing various creatures or harvesting components from clickable world elements. Players have an active quest log to track their quests, each of which can be clicked which will trigger auto-pathing to where the player needs to go, whether to fight or speak to an NPC. Certain Green quests are more exploration focused and won’t necessarily provide a quest marker, instead giving the player clues where they need to search for their quest and what their task may be. Completing quests will grant both XP and rewards, gear to improve their character and currency to allow players to buy different items for their adventures, as well as this players can earn different titles from completing certain actions that when equipped will grant the player extra stat bonuses and boosts.

Players have a place to put their feet up after a day’s adventuring in their own Terracottage, a huge walking player home where they can rest or work. The home comes complete with its own greenhouse that allows players to grow their own plants and ingredients that they can trade or use in different professions, from alchemy to cooking, that can help heal and buff your character. The workshop is a different place from the greenhouse, plants and nature replaced with gears and metal; crafting all types of tech and gadgets, gear and clothing. The main hall is perfect for just hanging out with friends and can be customized with your own choice of furniture and decoration that you find around the world and each hall comes complete with your very own feline butler.

Twin Saga mmorpg game

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