Urban Rivals MMORPG Game

Urban Rivals MMORPG Game

Urban Rivals mmorpg game
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Urban Rivals is a unique online multi-player card game. Each card represents a character (some of which are based on real people or well-known fictional characters). Each character has a specific Power and Damage, and belongs to a clan. Some cards have abilities that are either triggered or countered by another card's ability. However, a card should be at a certain level to reach that ability.
Free registration gives a player 8 character cards; further cards can be purchased or traded on the second hand card market.
Four new characters usually for two different clans are added every two weeks. Sometimes 6 characters are added, usually for a new clan or special event such as Christmas.
Usually every 6 months a new clan will come out, the newest clan released is the Skeelz clan and previously the Jungo clan.
Once you’ve selected your deck (typically 8 cards but can be more) you head to the relevant game room and can either challenge players direct or use the auto challenge feature to find an opponent quickly. Four cards are drawn at random from you and your opponents’ deck and the person with the most stars from the level of their cards will go first.
Each player has 12 life points and 12 pillz, the objective of the game is to have the most life points at the end of the four battles. You may also K.O an opponent before all the four battles have happened.
Each player also has 12 pillz which are used to increase a cards attack score. So a card with a power 5 using 5 pillz will take the total attack score to 30, so the original 5 power plus 5 pillz x 5 power = 25. Pillz are the most important part of the battle and often players try to bluff their opponents to spend as many pillz as possible early in the fight.
After each fight, players receive battle points. These points are used to upgrade a player's level. More points are earned from fighting against a player with a higher ranking, from having a character defeat a higher level opponent, or leveling up after a fight. A bonus is given if a player has Pillz remaining after inflicting a KO, but a penalty is awarded for causing a battle to time out.
Characters receive experience (XP) after each fight, with which they level up and become stronger. Characters earn more XP when fighting characters at higher level and when they win.
Clintz is the currency in Urban Rivals. They may be obtained by fighting, selling characters, or winning tournaments. Credits may be purchased for money, and used to buy booster packs. They can also be earned from ELO tournaments and from daily tournaments. Once in a while, cards will become collector cards and are retired from the shop, and can not be obtained by booster packs. The only way to get them is by selling and trading.
Daily Tournaments:
Every other hour, there are one-hour tournaments where players have the opportunity to win Clintz or free credits. There are also more strategy-based ELO tournaments, which last a week. In ELO, players start out with 1000 points. A player can challenge anyone up to 150 points above him/her, or up to 50 points below.
Players gain more points from defeating higher-point opponents, but will also lose more points if they lose to low-point opponents. If you do not play in ELO for a few days, your score will gradually reset to 1000. At the end of the week, 12 random players of the top 100 receive a CR (collector card). 50 random players above 1200 points receive a random Rare card. You are also able to win credits; the top player gains 50 credits, ranks 2-25 gain 20 credits, player below rank 25 get 10 credits, if they scored at least 1300 points, 5 credits with 1200 or 2 credits with 1000 points and a minimum of 5 matches done. A similar gradation is made in sharing out the Jackpot (Clintz) to the tournament participators.

Urban Rivals mmorpg game

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