Vikings: War of Clans MMORPG Game

Vikings: War of Clans MMORPG Game

Vikings: War of Clans mmorpg game
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Vikings: War of Clans

Game Style: Free to play Strategy
Available Platforms: Internet Browser
Developing Studio: Plarium

In this internet browser based free to play strategy players take the position of a Jarl ruling over a Viking clan, they are tasked with rebuilding their humble settlement into an influential town, unlocking the mysteries of The Oracle's knowledge, training up various troops to form their own army, and going to war against AI and real world players.

The game focuses on resource and time management to construct various buildings, research techs, train units and more, with the ability to acquire more resources directly through city buildings, trade them with players and alliances, or take them from their rivals through conquest. With only a handful of tasks able to be worked on at any one time the game features a queue system as the majority of actions take minutes or even hours to complete and require players to become efficient in identifying the immediate needs of their town. Construction and tasks continue when the players is offline and also provides the option of rushing tasks to completion through premium currency, earned rush tokens, or even for free when a task will finish in under five minutes.

By earning resources players construct and upgrade new buildings, unlocking different features such as workshops to construct armour, iron mines to produce iron resources, the Oracle to improve the speed of knowledge research, and more. Buildings cannot be upgrade to be a higher level than the players own Palace (which in turn must be levelled up), but when a building is improved then it increases its output and functionality. One of the most important buildings is the Barracks, which allows players to train up new troops from a list of 30 available types, ranging from melee, ranged, mounted and siege weapon units players can choose the composition of their own army.

Players will either be attacked and forced to defend their town, or head onto the World Map and go looking for an available target to attack themselves, whether AI invaders, neutral AI farmland, or even rival towns run by other players once they have lost their new player protection. Once a target has been chosen the player can use espionage to see what type of defenses it has and what units they will be up against and adjust their own attacking forces from that. Each type of troop is strong against certain troops, but weak against others, and so building a diverse army is key to survival.

Once an attack is made the chosen troops will march to the location; the amount of time it takes will depend on the distance from their own town or stationed location. Upon reaching their target troops battle automatically and instantly, and then any survivors begin marching home; players have no involvement in the actual combat and are responsible for using their strategy in how to overcome a target's defenses before initiating the attack. After each fight a Battle Report is generated to see how well the attack went (or how badly) showing the loss of casualties from both sides and the number of resources and items acquired from the battle.

Vikings: War of Clans mmorpg game

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