Villagers and Heroes MMORPG Game

Villagers and Heroes MMORPG Game

Villagers and Heroes mmorpg game
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Villages and Heroes

Game Style: Free to play MMORPG
Available Platforms: Windows
Developing Studio: Mad Otter Games / Neonga

Embark on an epic fantasy adventure in this exciting free to play MMO role-playing game where players fill the shoes of fledgling up-and-coming heroes as they journey across the treacherous and wondrous Seven Realms taking on quests from the world’s inhabitants and exploring a vast and open world filled with new challenges. Villagers & Heroes allows players to play as four different classes in their journey, taking down enemies in challenging and strategic combat to gain treasures, rewards and XP so that they can level up their character to become even more powerful. The game also provides a number of different features that are staples of the MMORPG genre, but add to it their own flavour and twists.

The four available player classes are the Wizard, Warrior, Priest and Hunter, unique characters that have their own unique spells, skills and abilities that set them apart from each other and provide a completely different gameplay style when in combat. Each class can specialise into one of two different paths; the Wizard can focus on summoning fire as a Fire Wizard, or mastering the icy elements as an Ice Wizard, the Warrior can focus on being the classic tank as a Defender to shield their allies in battle or help taking down enemies with improved attacks as a Swift Warrior. The Hunter offers up long range support and deadly critical attacks and can master stealth as an Assassin or lean towards up close combat as a Rapid Hunter, whereas the Priest can choose their following either leaning towards the Holy Priest’s restorative abilities such as healing and resurrection or the ability to harness the shadows as a Shadow Priest focusing on dealing corrupting damage.

Whilst player abilities and skills are important and unlocked as a player levels up, they will also be able to equip themselves with powerful Elder Gear, ancient relics from the times of the Titans that once wielded will bestow upon its user powerful Elder Abilities unique to their class as gifts from one of the Legendary Four. To wield such items Heroes must seek out and defeat Elder Bosses, those that have come to hold an Elder Fragment, a piece of these artifacts, that once recovered can be re-forged into powerful Elder Gear. The power of the Gear is determined by the tier of the fragment, directly determined by the tier of the Elder Boss it was acquired from with various bosses available at different levels providing a challenge for all players.

Away from combat and taking down powerful bosses players can explore an in-depth crafting system with four crafting skills and four complementing gathering skills that will allow them to acquire resources and materials to create their own gear, weapons and items to help them in battle. As well as this players can also construct their own houses to take some social down time or tend to the animals on their Ranch or the plants in their Garden, players can also work together to create larger villages and even expand them into becoming thriving Cities.

Villagers and Heroes mmorpg game

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