Vindictus MMORPG Game

Vindictus MMORPG Game

Vindictus mmorpg game
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Game Style: Free to play MMORPG
Available Platforms: Windows
Developing Studio: Nexon

This cooperative focused battle/questing MMORPG brings a dynamic combat to the next level with its powerful Source Engine driving the physics behind the game Vindictus allows players to use the environment and manipulate their opponents with a bloody realism that captures every grievous strike and gruesome cleave to the enemies. Use the fully destructive environment to throw enemies through walls or pick up tree branches and boulders to use as makeshift weapons against your opponents or even use the enemies themselves as they hurled around as weapons in gruesome and macabre combat.

There are 8 characters that are available to play, each can have their appearance customise by the player with a number of options, which can be further expanded by purchasing Avatar items from the in game cash shop. The different characters comes around different classes as well is having their own story driven background; Evie hails from the far east who by her appearance appears to have come from nobility though it is a topic that the young girl often avoids and which anyone with sense wonít try to push should she turn on them with her devastating magic abilities and ability to summon powerful golemís. Equally mysterious is Hurk, they have some adventurer that hires himself out as a mercenary that carries with him a dark secret which he hides in the shadowy corners of taverns and ins and berries in the bottom of a mug of ale; often avoided by others due to his mean temper this is only too apparent when in battle with his huge greatsword and rage filled berserker tactics.

Gear plays an important role within the game and players are able to complete quests and battle is to unlock new items that they can use or trade with other players on the marketplace, exchanging goods to upgrade their own equipment. Alternatively players are able to craft a number of different items learning new schematics to create more items as they level up requiring skill, time and materials that can also be found as drops from various dungeon creatures, purchased in store or traded with others. Instead of constantly creating new items players are also able to use the Enhancing system which allows them to improve the stats of their current equipment including a variety of armour parts and numerous weapons using powerful Enhancement Stones.

Questing and battle are the primary focus in the game, in town players will progress through the main story arc that will send them across the world of Vindictus battling the terrifying Femor threat, by completing various quests and stages players will advance their own storyline and learn more about their particular character. Players can choose to fight alone or join up with other adventurers as they enter battle in search of glory, rewards and ultimately gaining Experience Points and Ability Points to level up their character and increase their stats as well as unlocking and improving various skills to help them further in battle.

Vindictus mmorpg game

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