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Archeage MMORPG Game

Archeage mmorpg game
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ArcheAge is a visually stunning and feature packed free to play fantasy-based MMORPG revolving around adventure, a thriving player economy and a dynamic sandbox world with more traditional themepark elements. In the game players can be whatever they wish, when focusing on combat players can choosing from a wide variety of Skillsets to create their ideal class, with a huge selection of trade and crafting skills players can focus on getting a name for themselves as merchants, or even focus on trading important packages to other continents, hiring your services as mercenaries to protect such caravans or being bandits and pirates and attacking such innocent traders to line your own pockets!

The game is a completely classless system, players will start out by choosing their first Skillset at character creation from 10 available Skillsets that range from the Vitality healing skills, Sorcery ranged and area magic attacks, Archery ranged bow attacks and more. At level 5 players can unlock a second Skillset and then their final Skillset at level 10; the three Skillsets they choose creating a potential 120 unique classes, further customized by their own individual trees that allow players to focus on specific abilities and talents

There are a wide range of crafting skills available from the typical fantasy-based gathering skills such as Mining to acquire ore and gems, Logging to maintain and chop down trees for wood, Gathering to plant and harvest herbs, or craft skills such as Metalwork to smith plate armor, Weaponry to craft metal weapons and Handicrafts to make jewellery and tools. However, given the extensive features in the game players can also gin skills such as Construction from building ships to structures, Carpentry to furnish such structures with furniture, Machining to create other vehicles, gliders, ships and small parts and even Composition for players to create sheet music used in the Composition system.

Players are able to shape the world itself and are the driving force behind the world’s economy, creating houses, ships and Castles players can focus on a life away from the classic fantasy adventure. One key feature is the Trade system where players can make Trade Packs and recover gold, resources and Gilda Stars (spent when buying house/ship blueprints) by transporting them to another vendor, the further away the vendor the greater the reward and players must travel through dangerous PVP zones exposing them to players that wish to kill and steal from them. Furthermore with the ability to create ships players can try to trade to the other continent in their own player ships which can come under attack from player Pirate vessels.

This balance of players trying to seek out the peaceful life versus those looking to capitalise and take what they wish with force is seen in all aspects of the game. Many wish to settle down, construct their own home, tend to their farm and pay their taxes to the Lord who owns the nearby Castle, but all will be drawn into a battle as the castles are siege to buy rival player Lords looking to expand their own Empire.

Game Style: MMO RPG Free-to-play
Available Platforms: Windows / Web Browser
Developing Studio: XL Games

Archeage mmorpg game

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