Forge of Empires MMORPG Game

Forge of Empires MMORPG Game

Forge of Empires mmorpg game
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Forge of Empires is a browser based free to play city/empire strategy game developed by InnoGames. Starting from the Stone Age you, as the leader of your tribe, will advance through the ages as you invest into technology and research giving rise to a new dawn and turning your small village into a sprawling city. As you unlock the secrets of the ages your city will continue to grow as you travel to other lands bringing trade, diplomacy and war in the constant pursuit of expanding your seedling empire.

With a full city construction and resource management you must constantly balance various aspects of your empires growth, creating housing to increase your populous, but creating decorative buildings to keep them happy and working efficiently. As you grow and expand into new territories you will face a number of threats that can only be met with battle; a tactical unit turn based combat system that takes place on a terrain filled battle map where your choice of troops and taking advantage of the maps features will yield victory or defeat.

Using the premium currency of “Diamonds” players are able to spend real world money to gain a number of advantages such as rushing building and unit construction, earning more points to unlock technologies or buying unique buildings only available through the premium currency.

Forge of Empires mmorpg game

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