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Crossout MMORPG Game

Crossout mmorpg game
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Game Style: Free to play MMO Vehicle Combat
Available Platforms: Windows
Developing Studio: Targem Games

In Crossout players go head to head in team based 8v8 battles in a post-apocalyptic setting where they must fight not only for scrap metal and components to build up their machines of death, but for their very survival. Using a detailed crafting system players can create all manner of different types of vehicles from machine gun totting mini-vans to big rigs equipped with circular saws, the hundreds of components available can create unique, ingenious and ridiculous vehicles to take to the battlefields.

Creating a vehicle is based on players assembling various components from frames, weapons, wheels, thrusters, anti-gravity devices, armor plating, camouflage dyes and paintjobs and so much more. The components can either be acquired from quests, purchased off other players or crafted through the Technician system where players can unlock new schematics to craft with their Scrap metal currency. Whilst each component has numerous connection points, as well as having the ability to rotate, turn and flip them around to attach them in different ways, there are still restrictions to just what you can create with your machine based on the TEC and Energy values of components.

TEC is the primary value that will determine how many components a vehicle can have; each vehicle will have a TEC threshold and each component added to the vehicle will have a certain TEC cost which will take up some of the threshold stopping playing building vehicles with too many components. More powerful or larger components, particular Weapons and other hardware, have much higher TEC costs to ensure players canít make vehicles with an imbalanced amount of firepower. The Energy is based off the number of hardware and weapons added to the vehicle, which will use some of the vehicles default battery power and cannot exceed its value, however players can add additional batteries to their construction at the cost of taking up more TEC. The bigger the vehicle and the more components, particularly with armor, then the more durable the vehicle is meaning it can take more damage, but it also makes a vehicle heavier, slower and harder to maneuver.

In battle players will go up against each other in an 8 v 8 team deathmatch, where either destroying all the enemy players or occupying the enemy base will yield victory. Enemies can only be destroy if the cab/driver portion of the vehicle is destroyed, other components can be shot or smashed off the vehicle, including wheels or weapons, making it inoperable, immobile or irrelevant in the battle until it is finally taken out. Vehicle can also be flipped onto their roof or side, which unless the vehicle has a self-right Car Jack component will mean they are stuck; stuck players flag up on the mini-map for their allies who can come and flip them back to bring them back into battle. There are a variety of maps available with urban and desert settings, multiple levels offering verticality and even terrain hazards that can hinder or destroy a players vehicle.

Crossout mmorpg game

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