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Dekaron MMORPG Game

Dekaron mmorpg game
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Genre Type: F2P MMORPG
Platform Accessibility: Windows
Published By: Nexon

In Dekaron players take on the role of the heroes of an ancient organisation sworn to battle against the evil ruler of the Abyss Karon, and evil that has been imprisoned for generations but the seals which keep him contained cannot last forever. Fleeing for their own survival the humans of the world were able to lock themselves away under the deep slopes of a valley creating the city of Arcane and from here the heroes will rise again as their world is once more threatened.

Dekaron is an action packed fantasy themed free to play MMORPG that focuses on engaging in PVE content with various quests, instanced dungeons and other group based Co-op activities where players can earn boot and rewards as well is gaining XP to level up their characters. The game also features an extensive amount of PVP content ranging from open world PVP zones, Party v Party systems that allows players to group together and challenge each other in PVP team based duels where both sides are able to place an in game currency wager to be claimed by the victor.

A new system that has been implemented is the DK Square that will match up players through a variety of different criteria, everything from level, server to their Internet connection latency. When entering the DK Square players are divided up into two random teams in the battle will commence once the minimum amount of players have joined the battle. Players are able to to gain missions that they can complete during the battle as well as earning points and Grades by killing other players and monsters to increase their Grade level, and the team to complete the main mission first will win the battle or the battle and after 30 minutes and whoever has the most points wins.

Players have a wide selection of different classes that they can choose from, pre-generated heroes that have their own backgrounds, all or, gender and of course combat style to be used in PVP and PVE. With a mixed bag of melee and ranged combatants there is something for everybody, from the powerful Bagi Warrior who’s in Georgia’s and resistance to magic makes them a powerful tank character, the Aloken who is able to balance their magic with their martial prowess using both spells and Spears to dominate in battle to the Vicious Summoner who uses the dark arts to summon terrifying minions to aid them in combat.

Each class has a variety of unique skills that they can learn as well as three distinctive skill trees that they can explore, gaining a new skill point each time a player levels up there are numerous skills that a player can use to customise their character to better perform in combat as to their preferred fighting style. As well is a wide variety of armour and weaponry customise towards each class including epic legendary gear that players can unlock there is a huge scope for creating a unique character within the game.

Dekaron mmorpg game

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