Echo of Soul Phoenix MMORPG Game

Echo of Soul Phoenix MMORPG Game

Echo of Soul Phoenix mmorpg game
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Echo of Soul Phoenix

Game Style: Free to play MMORPG
Available Platforms: Windows
Developing Studio: Nvius for Aeria Games

A free to play fantasy MMORPG Echo of Soul (EoS) transports players to a realm of fantasy where they will rise as Soulkeepers, the chosen warriors of the Gods tasked with defeating the corrupting Shadow Soul made from the blood of Ymir the Long defeated Giant King that now threatens the great World Tree, the heart of Creation itself. With strong elements of PVP, Dungeon PVE and story driven quest focused content players have a choice of classes to seek out and destroy the agents of evil.

The primary goal of the game is for players to attain XP through completing quests, PVE challenges and PVP content, rising in rank and testing themselves against even greater challenges in the game either playing solo or working together with other players in team based Co-op group content. With elements of crafting available players can involve themselves in a player run economy, seeking out resources, powerful items and legendary gear to equip their characters with. The game also comes with a handy mobile app to help players manage their own characters’ inventory, organise their active auctions and communicate with other players.

Exploring over 50 unique map areas players will travel through a variety of exotic and beautifully designed terrains completing the 1600 quests, whether travelling the Snow Country, the Silent Ruins or heading deep into the Forest of Secrets. Brave adventurers can test their mettle against the denizens of various dungeons. Whether completing single player focused Solo Dungeons or teaming up with friends and other members of the community to tackle more difficult Party Dungeons requiring strong elements of Corporation to overcome the various environmental threats and traps, or even the Infinite Dungeons that randomly generates its map, enemies and threats each time you enter providing a unique experience where players can set the difficulty of the dungeon itself to earn more powerful and valuable rewards.

Players can choose from five available classes in the game, each one having its own strengths and weaknesses and providing a different role to a group and each can specialise in one of two different parts depending on the player’s preference. The Warrior can focus on offence attacks as a Berserker or on stronger defences as a Protector; Archers can become a Bard and encourage and buff their allies with songs and hinder their enemies or focus on ranged damage as a bow wielding Huntress; the shadowy Rogue can use explosive deadly strikes as a Duellist utilise deadly and hindering poisons as the Assassin. A Sorcereress can specialise on dealing damage as a Firemage or powerful crowd control abilities as a Frostmage, whereas the Guardian uses natures elements and can summon thunder as a Stormguard to disable her enemies or bolster and protect her allies and herself as the Earthguard. As well as combat focused content players have the option of exploring resource gathering and trade crafts that will allow them to create powerful items and unlock powerful skills that they can also utilise in battle.

Echo of Soul Phoenix mmorpg game

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