GoodGame Empire MMORPG Game

GoodGame Empire MMORPG Game

GoodGame Empire mmorpg game
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Goodgame Empire is a hybrid of a management simulation and a strategy browser game in which players must fight and win battles against other real players. Goodgame Empire puts the player in the role of a young knight who is rewarded with his own castle after successfully leading a perilous battle with the task to expand his small piece of land to an economically and militarily superior empire. In order to achieve that the budding sovereign faces manifold challenges and has to prove his strategic skills in various missions. For mobile the game is Empire: four Kingdoms

The game’s goal is to build a bastion as large as possible and to defeat all enemies in cooperation with allied friends in order to finally rule a whole kingdom. The complete campaign with many exciting tasks is not the only challenge. Another emphasis is on the multiplayer options that offer a lot of variety. Players can support each other as sword brothers, forge powerful alliances or fight each other. The unique dynamic world map invites the player to explore the vicinity of his realm. The big map allows visiting friends or systematically planning attacks against the castles of robber barons or those of other players. Players can use spies before attacking enemies and use the information gathered to develop a more effective battle strategy. Melee and ranged fighters as well as siege tools and other military equipment can be deployed very purposefully with the complex attack and defense system. While drawing a powerful army the fortress’ economic system should not be neglected so as to always have enough food, wood, stone and money in stock.

GoodGame Empire mmorpg game

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