EverQuest II MMORPG Game

EverQuest II MMORPG Game

EverQuest II mmorpg game
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EverQuest II

Game Style: Free to play MMO RPG
Available Platforms: Windows
Developing Studio: Sony Online Entertainment

In EverQuest II players are transported to the world of Norrath, a land long abandoned by the gods themselves filled with all manner of terrors, magical monstrosities and is the battleground for the ultimate war against good versus evil. Stepping into the shoes of one such hero or villain players can choose from a variety of different Good and Evil aligned races, choose their class from an extensive list and head off into the world in this free to play MMORPG epic.

Character customisation plays are huge role in EverQuest II, true to its predecessor’s first and foremost a role-playing game (RPG), players can model the characters in a variety of styles and looks that suit their preference with each of the 13 available races having completely different characteristics, skins and 3-D models that capture their personality and culture perfectly. Players can choose to play as the typical Human or the ever present Wood Elf or Dwarf or choose one of EverQuest’s iconic races such as the Ratonga (rat people), Froglok (frog people) or Kerra (cat people). Each race falls into a Good, Evil or Neutral alignment, which is reinforced throughout the game with various quests and reveals more of the world lore to players, and also determines the players starting location.

Players now choose their class at character creation, including their ultimate subclass (which previously it was on locked when the player gained a high level), and each class is categorised into a particular classic archetype: Scouts, Fighters, Mages and Healers. From these archetypes each class exists such as a Bard, Sorcerer, Druid and Rogue, from here each class has two different specialisations of/subclasses (with the exception of the Animalist who can only be a Beastlord). In the case of the Rogue they can choose to play as a Swashbuckler who is the classic dashing rogue with their flamboyant combat style they are the masters of misdirection, whereas the Brigand that focuses more on underhanded tactics and crippling strikes that will leave their foes vulnerable.

The game has strong elements of both PVP and PVE, with a variety of systems and features to enhance both experiences such as Arena PVP where players can fight in various team based games such as Team Death Match and the ever popular Capture the Flight. Whereas PVE encourages dungeon crawls and raids to defeat Epic bosses with a large raid group of 24 people, similarly much of the content is quest focused within the game and is the primary way that players will earn most of their rewards and enhancements as well as XP for levelling up.

The game is completely free to play, though players must purchase access to the expansion content that is made available, as a free to play account players have access to the majority of the game whereas membership focuses mostly on small buffs and boosts as well as enhancements on other game features (extra character slots, more Guild functionality, monthly allowance of Station Cash used to buy items in the game).

EverQuest II mmorpg game

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