Legends of Honor MMORPG Game

Legends of Honor MMORPG Game

Legends of Honor mmorpg game
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Legends of Honor

Game Style: Free to play MMO Strategy
Available Platforms: Internet Browser
Developing Studio: Goodgame Studios

In Legends of Honor you command over your own castle in a medieval real time strategy where players go head to head against each other in competitive PVP focused gameplay, building up their castles, recruiting might armies and fighting for rank and reward. Using classic castle building features and time/resource management mechanics the game requires high levels of tactical thinking and forward planning as they balance their many priorities. The game is free to play once players have registered an account through the official website and can be played directly in their preferred web browser.

There are a variety of focuses in the game that players must concentrate one; acquiring resources, progressing their castle and fielding an army able to defend their territory and bring the fight to their player rivals and AI threats. Balancing resources and time is fundamental to success, every action in the game from constructing a Farmhouse, recruiting Axemen or moving units across the map and engaging in combat can take minutes or hours, and every build or upgrade takes up valuable resources that constantly need replenishing.

The resources themselves are the lifeblood of the Castle, gathering Wood, Coin and Stone is vital to construction the variety of unique buildings that can be placed within your Castle walls, from production buildings to gather more resources, storage buildings, defenses and barracks to train units. As all types of construction require these resources players need to balance whether they progress their Castle, adding new buildings and upgrading established ones to make them more efficient, or focus on spending resources to train units to defend their Castle or head out into the world seeking out battle.

Units come in all shapes and sizes, from Archers, Axemen to Horsemen, access to more units goes up as players acquire more Honor, a fundamental scoring mechanism based off how many victories players have, albeit also losing Honor if fighting players of too low a level. Units have a rock paper scissors style mechanic where they will be strong against one type of unit but weak against another, and so players must balance this out as part of their strategy when assembling their army. Furthermore the players is also able to produce Unit Boosts, attack and defense buffs that when applied to grouped units will give them various boons in combat.

Moving your armies around the land is the job of the Heroes, iconic units that when acquired are the generals of a growing army; each Hero can have numerous units assigned to them, as well as Unit Boosts, and then move them as a single unit around the World Map. Exploration will uncover various AI threats from Mauraders to Dragons, as well as rival player Heroes and their own Castles; engaging in combat will lock a Hero out and the AI will determine the winner based off the two fighting forces strengths, composition, unit levels and more, and to the victor goes the spoils of resources and Honor points.

Legends of Honor mmorpg game

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