Let's Fish MMORPG Game

Let's Fish MMORPG Game

Let's Fish mmorpg game
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Letís Fish

Developer Studio: Ten Square Games
Accessible Platforms: Web Browser
MMO Genre: Fishing MMO (Free to Play)

In this free to play fishing MMO players must conquer the waters and prove themselves as the best fisherman or fisher woman in the world, travelling from fishery to fishery, from oceans to vast lakes and rivers each player will be equipped with their own customise and tackle that they will use to catch all manner of exotic and rarer fish. The game itself is very casual and well-suited for short play times and can be accessed directly through your favourite web browser after a quick online registration and there is no need to download any client base software to play.

In the game players will travel to different locations and using their equipped fishing tackle try to complete various achievements such as successfully catching all of the different types of fish in a specific location, acting a certain weight of fish catching 10 of the same types of fish. There are dozens of achievements to try and complete quests and players will be rewarded with XP that will level up and open up access to new fishing tackle as well as earning players coins to spend in the game shop and buy new gear.

Gear/fishing tackle plays a fundamental role within the game, players must purchase various bait, hooks, lines and rods that when combined different variations will determine what types of fish they can catch as well as the maximum weight that the rod/line can hold without breaking. Players are also able to buy new bonus tackle that will give them boosts when they fish, but these items often can only be purchased with the games premium currency, which you earn as you level up or can be bought with real money.

The mechanics involved for catching fish are very basic and only offer a minimal challenge providing you have the right equipment for the job. When a player casts into the fishery and successfully gets a bite a meter appears and as the fish tries to swim off it pulls a pointer into the red of the meter, if reaching the end than the fish will get away however to combat this the player must click the mouse button as fast as possible to bring the pointer in the other direction until they are successful in catching the fish. Once the fish is caught the player can mount it as a personal trophy as well as seeing various stats and information about their catch.

The game is mostly a solo game where players will play on their own, however there are many social features to interact with other players such as challenging them to a fishing contest or even entering communitywide tournaments and challenges where players compete to win prizes by successfully completing different objectives such as catching the most fish, catching the largest fish or catching the most weight of fish from all your fish combined in the given time limit.

Let's Fish mmorpg game

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