Luna Online: Reborn MMORPG Game

Luna Online: Reborn MMORPG Game

Luna Online: Reborn mmorpg game
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Luna Online Reborn

Genre Type: F2P MMORPG
Platform Accessibility: Windows
Development By: Suba Games

In Luna Online Reborn players must band together as the three united races; the Humans, Elves and the more darkly aligned Majin, all to battle against the rising evil that threatens the world of Blue Land. The game is a colourful chibi/anime style game with traditional MMORPG elements including questing, crafting, PVP and more; players can work together with other players and form groups and guilds, or travel solo around the world facing difficult challenges.

When first creating a character players have a choice between three races; Elf, Human or Majin, the Elves and Humans have long been allies but it is only with the rising evil in the world that the Majin have come on side to help them out. Humans and Elves have traditional classes that the player can choose, starting with three base classes: Fighter, Rogue and Mage, as level milestones are reached players pick up a new class from that tier (there are six tiers in total), which gives them new skills and abilities and changes the playstyle somewhat of the class. Majin do not have a “class” and when they start out they begin as an “Apprentice”, as they level up and reach the new level milestones they will unlock a new tier title and gain new abilities, but they do not have a choice of different classes and instead get stances that gives them boosts in the same areas that the Elf/Human classes have, e.g. physical damage, dodge ability and magic damage. Majin can switch between these different stances/buffs giving them a lot of versatility in combat but no focused specialization where they can dominate one of the classes in a particular area.

When creating a character players also get to choose their faction/camp, either the Red or the Blue camp which will determine the side that they are in when in PK Zones or battling in the guild system, periodically announcements are made in the game letting players know the activity of enemy and friendly camps allowing players to go and find the action themselves.

Players are able to craft a wide variety of items in the game using Construction, in order to do so they must acquire the correct materials from vendors or loot drops from monsters, use the correct equipment and moulds. Crafting doesn’t require picking up a skill and all players start with this generic crafting skill, they can then craft a variety of weapons and armor. Players can gather items with their gathering skills such as fishing and cooking, which each have their own unique systems.

PVE and PVP are both aspects of the game revolving around combat, whether fighting players or AI mobs combat still works the same and players will unlock skills and be able to place them onto their hotkey bars and activate them in battle with number keys including various items such as potions. Acquiring new gear will increase a characters stats and so collecting new items, weapons and armor is key to improving your character within the game.

Luna Online: Reborn mmorpg game

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