Metin2 MMORPG Game

Metin2 MMORPG Game

Metin2 mmorpg game
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Metin2 is a download Free-2-play MMORPG, developed by Webzen.

In Metin 2 players step into the shoes of a powerful hero of the realm in this exciting free to play MMORPG set in an in-depth 3-D fantasy world of magic and mystery following the impacts of the Metin Stones that fell from the skies and Brock chaos to the continent. In the game players will follow a quest-based journey meeting various NPCís along the way that will tell them more about this natural phenomenon and the dangers and monsters and terror it has wrought on the land.

Players can choose between four unique classes, each having their own skill set and combat style that sets them apart. Choose from the powerful Shaman, and unrivalled magic caster that can switch between supportive roles when in a group or pure destruction with powerful spells, the Sura that combines both the magical black arts with martial swordplay to make them an all-round diverse combatant. The Warrior relies on their heavy defences provided from fortified plate armour and can wield a sword and shield or focus on being a two-handed warrior, whereas the Ninja times their attacks using stealth to get close to their targets and assaulting them with deadly ambush. When players reach level 5 they are able to choose one of two subclasses to follow for each primary class, which will offer different skills and a different way to play the class.

The game provides both PVP and PVE options, focusing on quests and exploration players can hunt down the powerful Metin Stones that will bestow them with great rewards, but they are heavily defended by the monsters and twisted creatures that they have created. By completing quests and destroying enemies players will gain items is dropped loot as well as XP that will allow them to level up and increase their abilities and skills. PVP is available through different methods, primarily with a PVP flag that allows players to run around in free mode making them a attackable, particularly against one of the other two rival kingdoms.

Players who focus on battling monsters will gain Rank Points and over time work their way up the Rank ladder to gain a Positive Rank, the higher a players Positive Rank the more loot items they will receive when killing monsters as well as a greater chance of success when using Source Stones and Skill Books. On the other hand those players that focus on performing evil deeds, typically killing players from their own Kingdom, they will lose Rank Points and slowly gain a Negative Rank. With a Negative Rank players are susceptible to dropping their own items, from their backpack or even their own equipped items, if they are killed in PVP; the likeliness of them dropping items and the actual number depends on how low their Negative Rank is.

Players donít have to go through the game alone and many will band together to form up a Guild, with a variety of personalisation options from logos and names players are also able to acquire Guild Land and construct buildings upon it to be used by all players effectively creating their own towns. Being in a Guild also allows players to declare war against other Guilds for exciting Guild V Guild PVP.

Metin2 mmorpg game

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