Nova Raider MMORPG Game

Nova Raider MMORPG Game

Nova Raider mmorpg game
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Nova Raider

Game Style: Free to play MMO Space Shooter
Available Platforms: Windows / iOS / Web Browser
Developing Studio: Sublinet

Nova Raider is a space based shooter MMO where players control a fully customisable spaceship as they explore a vast universe of dangers and adventure, completing missions, gathering rare mineral resources and bringing the fight to enemy invaders. This free to play MMO uses cutting-edge visuals and is accessible through a variety of platforms providing a simple yet enjoyable shooter game that focuses on achievement-based progression.

The basic premise of the game is for players to take on missions or actively hunt down enemies in the open world environmens, which will give them XP to level up their character giving them access to new ships, gear and features. Players will also earn Uranium from both enemy loot drops and by completing missions which can be spent to research unknown technology that will allow players to get access to new features, purchase new weaponry or ship consumables and even gain access to new spaceships altogether.

Players can choose from five core classes once they reach level 8, at the class selection screen players can watch a YouTube video introducing each class individually that will show the pros and cons as well as the general gameplay that revolves around that specific class. The classes are primarily defined by their stats, with four main stats that players must consider: the Attack, the Defence, the Trade and the collective Buffs / Drones / Heals stats. Ships with high Attack values and low defences are considered Raiders able to do max damage to their enemies, whereas those that concentrate on being able to soak up damage whilst not being able to inflict as much themselves fall into the Tank class. The Support and the Trader classes are uniquely different in that neither gets actively involved in battle, the Support makes an ideal ally/teammate as it can heal ships, whereas the Trader focuses more on collecting resources and avoiding combat altogether and so typically requires assistance from other ships. The Balanced ship class has no real benefits or weaknesses and has evenly split stats across the board.

Combat in the game is relatively simple, players use the mouse to point and click around the map and if they click on enemy target once they move into range they will automatically start attacking it with their equipped weapon. Players always have a base weapon that never runs out of ammo, but deals very little damage, but as they level up they will be able to kit their ships out with more powerful weapons that in turn will require constant resupply at the garage. Similarly players can also equip repair packs to their ship to give them an instant hit point/repair boost whilst in battle. By collecting resources/minerals players will be able to combine them (needing five of the same type) to make their own gems that they can either sell on the Market or equip to their own ships for added firepower, defences and other passive bonuses.

Nova Raider mmorpg game

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