Shakes & Fidget MMORPG Game

Shakes & Fidget MMORPG Game

Shakes & Fidget mmorpg game
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Shakes & Fidget is a free to play flash-based browser game. Developed by Marvin Clifford & Oskar Pannier for internet browsers. The funny role playing game to the legendary comic. Create your own hero and immerse into a dangerous world full of monster rabbits and hell brides. Master exciting adventures or mash other players in the arena. Gain experience and honor, win gold and found a guild with your friends. You do not have to download or install any software. The title is free to play and does not contain advertisements.
Visit the tavern, the first stop for adventurers and those who want to become one of them. Here you can meet persons that are willing to give you several tasks, allowing you to earn money and collect experience. By clicking on the person sitting on the table in front of you, you can review three quests and choose one of them.
Also you can compare your skills with all the other heroes and win (or lose) gold and honor. The system automatically chooses an opponent that has about as much honor points as you.

You can buy additional mushrooms in-game that help you progress faster. Mushrooms are an additional currency which can help you to speed up your progress in the game.

Shakes & Fidget mmorpg game

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