Therian Saga MMORPG Game

Therian Saga MMORPG Game

Therian Saga mmorpg game
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Therian Saga

Game Style: Free to play MMO RPG
Available Platforms: browser-based
Developing Studio: Virtys

A free to play online RPG where players will experience a fantasy world of adventure and will begin their epic journey following a path of their own creation; landing as a nobody on the new continent with little to their name even peasants and paupers can evolve to become Legends in Therian Saga.

Starting out as a Hero players are able to choose their own direction and which skills they wish to develop, everything from fighting, magic, adventuring skills and even craft focused trades. It isnít only the Legendary explorers seeking out new and dangerous lands that can rise to fame, by training up different artisan abilities players can become renowned crafters. Whether wielding a sword to take down dangerous monsters and magical creatures or crafting one in the forge and creating a masterpiece for the local Lord, the aim of the game is to turn your Hero into a legend in their own right. Gear and equipment plays a vital part in the game, typically either a weapon or a tool, high quality items can be crafted from the rarest materials and made with the rarest recipes discovered in dungeons or earned from quests.

Skills are the benchmark of the available and accessible content in the game, by increasing skills players are able to perform more complex tasks, seek out harder to reach places and produce rare and valuable objects. Skills typically revolve around combat and trade, including skills such as Spying, and fall into different group categories. By increasing a skill players will also receive a knock-on benefit to the other skills within the same category allowing for a more dynamic and natural skill progression system. Player Heroes donít have to rely only on their own skills, where they are lacking they are able to hire Companions to join them in their tasks and adventures, contributing their own skills and abilities to a players own whether fighting, gathering resources or performing other tasks each Companion will improve their own abilities over time.

Companions will follow players wherever they go, when out on a journey players are able to set up Campsites for them and their companions, the Campsite location also plays a key role in acquiring valuable resources in certain locations. Whilst in the cities players have the chance to acquire land and build their own Residence, either to rest and regain energy or create an artisans studio to begin crafting their works of art.

The world is a huge place with numerous regions to explore; players will need to improve their terrain skills in order to conquer some of the more difficult environments such as dense jungles and high mountain peaks; only those with high skills can hope to travel such areas. Some of the deepest and darkest Dungeons can be found by only the bravest and the most seasoned adventurers, inside a dungeon players enter real-time combat where their strategy and quick tactics can earn them victory and rewards.

Therian Saga mmorpg game

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